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Digital photo album course
Our digital photo album course is ideal for photographers and graphic design. The course will show you how to design digital albums; build your own portfolio; and use different tools like combining images and picture processing. Programmed by Adobe Photoshop, the course will last almost three months with each teaching session lasting an hour and a half. 
When using the Photoshop program, you will learn the following essential topics:
*Designing albums for weddings, christenings, greeting cards, baby photos, photo magnets, photo calendars, albums for memories, 
*Combining and mixing images
*Develop beautiful backgrounds
*Effects on images 
*Graphic structure
*Colour knowledge and theory
*Softening and shaping of photos
*Frames and borders
*Shape tools
*Cropping pictures
*Stencils and templates
*Design textures
*Working with image size
*Correcting photos (e.g. red eye, blemishes, ageing etc)
*Sharpen and blur images
*Texts and Fonts
*Vector masks
What is Adobe Photoshop?
During our digital photo album course, you will work with a program called Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is used in image editing, altering and processing.
Used by many graphic and web designers, Adobe Photoshop is often a popular choice within photography, graphics and online applications.
The software is easy to use as it is designed for both students and professionals.
Course Syllabus:
*Theoretical study- Induction- Summary- Instruction
*Learn reformation of images
*Creating graphics and simulations
*Design and painting in Photoshop
*Processing computer graphic integration.
*Making special effects such as collages, editing of warm colours and cold and more.
*Designing of advertisements, posters, business cards, TV, etc. 
On this course you will be given homework and assignments on a regular basis; these will build your final portfolio. You will be taught by a personal tutor on a one-to-one basis.