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  Learning graphic design

Graphic design is a creative and technological tool. Learning graphic design is necessary for people who want to work and convey messages through images and typography to a wide range of audience.
The most effective way of learning web design is by practising as much as you can under the guidance of a professional tutor.
When enrolling into one of our Photoshop courses, you will learn different aspects of image manipulation from improving picture quality to creating graphic design for digital photo albums and various graphic designs. At our Photoshop course, you will get to practise with brush tools learning how to create impressive effects on different images by using brightness, contrast, special colours, etc…
By the end of the course, you will produce a successful portfolio of your most quality pieces together.
Illustrator is a popular graphic design program with fashion professionals and students. At our Illustrator course, our students will learn how to work with three dimensional textures and graphic illustrations; they will also learn about designs in the computer graphic industry.
InDesign (Adobe InDesign)
By using InDesign you will be able to create a combination of text and images such as catalogues, magazines and books. By following our course, you will learn how to use and control the most important designing techniques.
Our graphic design courses will enhance your career opportunity in the world of online design. 
Graphic designers and artists work in many and different sectors:
Private studios
Album design
Website design
Computerized graphics for the private sector
Freelance graphics
Multidisciplinary graphics
Technical drawing, drafting and imaging
Exhibition design
Book design
Catalogue design
Designing of function invitations
Commercial branding
Logo design etc…