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Website Construction Course - Certificate - Web Designer

Website Design & Development Course - Certificate - Web Designer
Our web design and development courses focus on how to design and create a website. 
Throughout the course you will learn web page design, graphic composition, colour theory and correct design; moreover, you will also learn how to build home page and full website, produce more arty designs and building websites using Photoshop, Flash and Dreamweaver.
The following syllabus will give you more information in regards to our web design course and how it could help your career move forward.
Website Design & Development Course - What will I learn?
Our website design and development course incorporates practical demonstrations about website design programs and how to use them. It will show you the ropes on how to design websites by combining different software programs and how different programs interact with each other.
During the course you will build up a portfolio of your best graphic design works.
Website Design & Development Course - Photoshop
Learning how to use Photoshop is an important aspect of our web design course. Photoshop allows students to manipulate images to develop visual concepts and projects. By taking our course, you will learn how to use Photoshop for product presentation, image combination, button making and background creating. 
Website Design & Development Course - Flash
During our course you will learn how to use Flash for banner designs and computer animations.
Flash banner designs are promotional messages intended to catch the eye of the Internet user.
Website Design & Development Course-Dreamweaver
As part of our course, you will also learn Dreamweaver. This software program is mainly used to develop web pages. By using Dreamweaver, you will learn how to open a web page implementing graphic elements from other software programs and linking the home page to other pages. 
Our web design course includes the promotion of websites in search engines, coded titles, weight and balance of HTML pages, CSS, images and weights, images and ALT, links, etc…
Website Design & Development Course - Flash
Creating a portfolio of your work is an important part of the course. 
Your Portfolio will reflect your work at Solo and your progresses. While learning website design and development, your tutor will advise you on how to put together a high quality professional portfolio which you will be able to present to future clients and website development companies.
Website Design & Development Course - work and working from home.
The majority of our website design & development students choose to work from home. The course teaches you how to build and develop websites and how to deal with your very first clients.