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Graphic Design training - Your Window to the World of Design

If you have always been attracted to esthetics in your everyday life, you find yourself paying attention to the design in new places, and design is important for you to improve your own life and you want to start a interesting well-paid career – design studies are made exactly for you!

Design is a general profession which spreads upon many fields. In our design studies we offer to teach you all field, so later on you can choose the field you want to focus on for your future.

Fashion Studies

Who determines what people will wear next year? What is the role of fashion designers? What are the influences upon their work? We will teach you theoretical studies about fashion history, and practice you in practical lessons of fashion design studies and we will supply the computerized tools for work in fashion design.

Interior Design

This field in UK is increasingly expanding and the demand for professionals is constantly growing. Interior design is the knowledge to shape a given space (which can be open or closed) to fit to the demands of the costumer for convenience and usefulness, while keeping elegant and fashionable.

Computerised design

In design studies you will receive knowledge how to work with application such as: PhotoShop and Illustrator the most famous and used applications for all those who work with design professions: design in two dimensions, design in three dimensions, changes in proportions, colours, drawings, creating sketches, colors and even checking the functionality.

Graphic design training for Web Sites

Today, the world of internet is expanding constantly and there is a high demand for designs for web sites to fit the client’s needs and the guiding line of the site. We will teach you the programs which are used to design web sites, and what to focus on while designing, and how to make any site more attractive.

The design studies graduates will receive a certificate which is considered a professional certificate, which will significantly improve your cv and make it much easier for you to find a good job in the design profession.

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