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 Join the Graphic Design Community with your Photoshop Passport

Taking a Photoshop online course UK can be the passport you need to get into the company you have always dreamed of joining or allowing you to apply for that promotion you desperately want. Most people do not realise exactly how important it is to have a qualification in Photoshop when you want to work within the graphic design community. All highly paid professionals that work in the graphic design companies and professionals that are self-employed are all exceptionally proficient in Photoshop and are fully up to date on all of the latest versions, allowing them to create amazing designs and images.

 Available Photoshop courses

There are no shortage of options if you want to take a Photoshop online course UK. Basic Photoshop, CS3, CS4 and CS5 courses are available as well as a specific PS Photographer online course that is aimed at photographers, a fashion course, an architect and interior designer course and also a specific web designer course. With these different courses to choose from you can see that they all have in common the underlying Photoshop software which is the most important software when it comes to any graphic design position. A Photoshop online course UK will be the most important thing you will do for your career.

 Online tutorials

When you book your Photoshop online course UK you will be assigned your own individual tutor with whom you can schedule your study sessions with in advance to fit in around your current commitments. During your tutorial sessions you will learn all of the Photoshop basics as well as learning the course specific functions depending on which Photoshop course you have chosen. Also during these sessions you will experience the advanced method of teaching provided by Solo which involves your tutor screen sharing with you so that you can see directly what the tutor is doing when selecting functions. It is as if the tutor is right there with you in the room.