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  Learning Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a brilliant piece of software that allows you to create vector artwork that is very distinctive in order for you to put those special touches to any project. The software includes some of the most sophisticated tools for drawing that allows you to create designs that are not only very distinctive, but have been created using shape building tools and fluid brushes and other advanced features. This is simply how amazing Adobe Illustrator is. What is even better is that it is perfectly compatible with other Adobe software such as Photoshop which is one of the most used programmes to edit and work on photos in graphic design.

 What can I do with Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator allows you to use perspective drawing; this means that it gives you perspective grids where you can draw scenes and/or drawings in accurate 1 point, 2 point or even 3 point linear perspective which creates the overall looks of true depth and distance in an image! Bristle brush is another Illustrator function that is spectacular as it allows you to paint with vectors that actually look like a real brush has completed the stroke, allowing the finished product to look natural.

  How learning Illustrator online is better than a residential school?

Learning online over the last few years become much more popular due to the fact that it is more convenient and allows you to study while allowing you to continue working or keep up with other commitments that a residential school simply could not offer you in way of flexibility. With online Adobe courses you will be provided with your own tutor who will screen share with you so that they can teach you as if they were there in the room with you. You have their undivided attention as compared to a residential school where you would have to share your tutor with 20 or more other students.