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 Learn All the Joys of 3D with Photoshop CS6

Photoshop CS6 is the next improved version of Adobe Photoshop. The new and simply astonishing CS5-6 truly does push the envelope in graphic design by bringing in a whole new dimension onto your screen, 3D. 3D is something previously perceived by insiders as something that could not be covered by a computer application or software, they were wrong and the new CS6 has truly been able to smash straight into the market making everyone who is anyone scramble to learn Photoshop CS6 for themselves to keep themselves ahead of the game.

 What 3D features does the new Photoshop CS4 bring to the software?

The new 3D tools allow every type of graphic designer and artist to re-evaluate their thinking, their imagery and where their imagination can take them. No other software coming onto the market has sparked such an outpour of people who need to learn Photoshop CS6 in order to keep the jobs they were currently holding without being surpassed by the newer and younger workers. The new features include the brand new 3D engine that allows 3D models to be painted on directly, 3D shapes to have 2D images and designs to be wrapped around them, gradient maps are also able to be converted into 3D, text is able to have layers and depth put into them, print quality output curtsey with the ray tracing rendering software, new formats are also supported in 3D using the adjust and mask panels, seam carving and even FCR or fluid canvas rotation.

  Why an online course?

Online courses are fantastic for anyone with a busy schedule because they are able to fit their studying into their lives without attending physical classes. You will be provided with a tutor at the beginning of your course who will teach you live online one-on-one via a screen sharing method. All you need to learn Photoshop CS5-6 is a computer and a reliable internet connection.