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Graphic Design Courses in Halifax

Graphic Design Programs

Nowadays when we say graphic design - for the most part, what springs to mind are the digital graphic sand effects that we are used to seeing. These are all generated by a few leading software programs. Although there are plenty of programs currently available on the market the three big contenders are Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator.

Each one of these programs has their own niche and function and between the three it is possible to achieve whatever design and/or effect desired. Although it may take time, there is nothing that can beat a quality creation.

The main differences between these three products are as follows: Photoshop is used for digital editing. It is probably the best known graphic design program and is so easy to use that even children use it to enhance images.

The Indesign program is used to make catalogues and for other publishing purposes while Illustrator is the aptly named program that is used for illustrations and graphic layout.

  Photoshop is the most famous program- does that mean it is best to study Photoshop?

The answer to this question probably depends on several things. While Photoshop is the best known graphic editing software around, the reason it is highly recommended to specialize in this relatively simple program is because it will serve you well on a daily basis when working as a professional graphic designer. Photoshop is an important technical base for graphic designers across the world. Usually the first program that a student learns to use when studying graphic design is the Photoshop program.

Where to Learn Graphic Design

An increasingly popular answer to this question is from your own home! Many people who have considered in the past learning graphic design but could not allow themselves to do it- maybe due to work reasons for example- now have the option to do so. Due to the latest programs, online learning has never been so easy. This convenient method allows for one-on-one learning under the tutelage of professional teachers who will teach you at the times most convenient to you and at the pace that you set. Online learning can be done from home, cutting out time spent travelling to and from college, not to mention the time spent actually at college which is why so many people are using this unique learning system to fulfill their dreams and learn graphic design.