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  Online Flash Course - Animations

Flash is an animation program that creates moving vectors and gives a sense of feeling and the illusion of depth to an image. It is mainly used to make clips and websites.
Adobe Flash Course- what will I learn?
We offer online lessons on a flexible basis scheduling your hours around your commitments. Our course starts with an introduction to Flash; something which is useful even for the most experienced clients.
Flash is used to create vector objects, to design and illustrate. On our course, you will learn about timeline and various animations. We will show you how to combine images and vector objects from Illustrator and use special features (such as symbols, buttons, masks and extensions for every type of animation).
Throughout the course you will learn the program language “Actionscript” as well as produce interactive items such as slideshows and websites.
During the course you will also learn effective work methods and time saving shortcuts for more complex projects. 
Towards the end of the course you will present a final project; to be submitted on completion of the course. Your tutor will be on hand throughout the course to advise and support you with your project.
Our course syllabus includes:
  • Flash animation program and other features
  • Illustration tools
  • Basic and advanced Illustration
  • Advanced buttons
  • Frame by frame Flash animation
  • Symbols
  • Motion Tween
  • Flash design and timelines
  • Advanced animation
  • Effects- animation effects and advanced general effects
  • Frame masks
  • Scenes- using scenes in video clips
  • Advanced interactive buttons
  • Basic program instructions
  • Actions
  • Video and sound clips
  • Actionscript instructions
  • Advanced slideshows
  • Combining Flash to other Adobe software

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