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Why Graphic Design?
Graphic design is an extraordinary discipline; it enables students to become more expressive in ideas and thoughts. It is also very useful to understand how graphic design works if you want to establish your online business and want to learn more about design techniques. Graphic design fuels creativity and so do our online courses.
Our Online Courses
We know how hard it is to make it in such a highly creative and diverse field as graphic design is; and we are here to make sure you take the right steps in order to reach for your dream career. 
From advertising to print production, website construction and fashion related graphic, we help you by revamping your graphic design portfolio or make a new one from scratch.
Our one-to-one lessons are delivered by our professional and highly skilled tutors who will develop a personal plan targeting your needs and goals.
Today, thanks to the latest e-learning technology, graphic design can be taught online almost in every single corner of the world. We don’t only believe in the power of e-learning but we also believe in making e-learning a more accessible and friendly experience for our students.
In the past we have helped many graphic design freelancers; they have come to us with different experiences and they have left feeling more confident about their skills or with a job offer in their field of expertise.
Our students come from different backgrounds but we maintain a high record in preparing freelancers who want to refresh their skills by taking one of our courses.
Most of our students work from their own home or office. They attend our courses through our online portal and are followed step by step by our extraordinary team of professionals.
We are open between 8.30 am and 9pm, Sunday to Friday. Please feel free to drop us an email for more information.
The School Office is open from 8.30am until 21.00pm
0208 2421887

School Hours :

Sunday 8am - 22pm
Monday 8am - 22pm

Tuesday 8am - 22pm

Wednesday 8am - 22pm

Thursday 8am - 22pm

Friday 8am - 4pm


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