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What is a Graphic Designer and How to Become One?

Before the days of online courses, you had to take courses for graphic design at a local university which could cost you a pretty penny. Now we have the luxury of learning online plus, you do not need to take as many courses online as you would for a degree in graphic design at a college campus. You could get all the way up to a PhD in Graphic Design, but in today’s fast paced world, people just want to learn the specific skills they need to work in the graphic arts industry. The answer to what is a graphic designer today is a bit different. One-quarter of graphic design artists are actually freelancers, making money on their own time. They often only have a mere diploma for their skills.

Skills Graphic Designers Need

Being able to use Photoshop is a great skill to have, and in the design world it is used quite often. Illustrator is also another great programme to know, especially if you are looking to design logos. For those of you wanting to work in magazine art and other out print layouts, the InDesign course is a must have skill which you can use anywhere. Website design is very popular and could make you quite a bit of money in the long run. This is another course that is offered online.


People want to know exactly what is a graphic designer? A graphic designer could be a lead designer on a magazine layout, an illustrator for a comic strip, someone who makes company logos or even a web designer. You see, with the skills you gain by becoming a graphic designer you open the door up to numerous ways to work in the graphic arts industry. So now what is a graphic designer? If you enrol in these courses the answer to that question could be you!