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A Sample Schedule for Graphics Design Courses Online

With the increasing number of employment opportunities for graphic design professionals, graphic design courses online have become the ultimate solution for people seeking to advance their career in the field. Attending physical classes is often a big challenge since it involves strict schedules, deadlines and high expenses. The following is a summary of how online courses are conducted.

Teacher-student communication

The lesson starts by the teacher e-mailing a link to the students. When the predetermined time for the lesson arrives, the student clicks on the link to download the program into their computer. The program is called Netmeeting and is a conferencing program engineered by Microsoft. The application enables the teacher and the student to communicate in real time online. This makes the teaching experience efficient just like in the conventional physical classes.

About Netvision

Netvision is characterized by classic features such as the whiteboard which is a shared drawing and graphics space allowing teachers and students to interact in real time. To make graphic design courses online more efficient, the teachers can share applications like InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrater and demonstrate theories, practices and tasks. This is possible since the teacher can see the student’s screen and vice versa.

Learning time

Students taking graphic design courses online are given the advantage of choosing the time they would like to attend classes. This can either be during the day or at night. Teachers are very flexible and give individualized training, making deferring of lessons convenient.

Duration of the education

The time taken by students to earn their degree depends mostly on how much time they are putting into their studies. The more hours one can spare for classes, the faster they can earn the certificate which can either be a diploma or degree.

Advantages of online training

When teaching the graphic design courses online, the teacher has the ability to control the mouse of the students in case they get stuck. There are also speakers that allow the student to listen and follow the instructions of the teacher.


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