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What are the contents in a Digital Graphic Design Course?

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What are the contents in a Digital Graphic Design Course?

Interdisciplinary graphic design course curriculum:

The Interdisciplinary graphic design course will incorporate focusing on the three main graphic programs: Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator. By mastering Photoshop one can be an expert in image processing and photo effects. In  Illustrator one can design vector graphics, logos and illustrations. Indesign is for editing books and creating pamphlets and magazines.

Understanding the graphic design theories in digital graphic studies:

Understanding the graphic design theories is the start to any implemention in this graphic design course. We will research the form and spaces between elements in order to create a flowing design. We will become acquainted with general graphic design techniques, the connection between right emplacement and the best impact created for the viewer.

Colours, textures and illusions in graphic studies:

Building a good knowledge of the colour theory in the three graphic programs, Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator. Building graphic elements, creating various graphics according to the colour theory.  Creating illusionary elements allows us to ignite the viewer's imagination. Controlling the knowledge of colours will give us the ticket to the emotional mind of people through adverts, logos etc.  Graphic balancing in graphic design studies is a delicate job that will prepare the young designer for advance work of creating illusionary elements and connecting them to a strong statement.

Typography in graphic studies:

The secret of a successful graphic designer is a strong understanding and ability to control the rules and typography. Typography studies include the letter theory, choosing the right font and using it correctly in the design. Typography is an ongoing topic that is being developed a long the career.

Internalization of graphic processes in the graphic studies:

The graphic design process includes learning how to create illusions, develop special points of view and making 3D effects to visualize depth. During the studies the graphic designer will have to internalize the graphic process he/she has been studying, supplying a unique angle on a graphic problem, designing a simple and clear solution, showing great computer abilities and bounding to time tables.

Working with photos in graphic studies:

Part of the graphic studies programme is working with photos to create illusions on the original photos or image processing that will serve the design.

Creating a portfolio in the graphic design course: