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Don’t take our word for it; take the word of our students. Have a look at the following testimonials below:

  Thanks. Stunning school teachers, a number of employees trained. Highly recommend solo Graphic school.

Maxine  Freelance Graphic Designer (London)   I found this an excellent way of educating  myself in the mornings whilst my children are at school. Solo has  helped me in my future career.This is an exceptional school and I would highly recommend the teaching staff.

Laura  Freelance Graphic Designer (Birmingham) Friendly and professional teachers and very personalised classes, distance learning has enabled me to establish my own business from home.

Nadia Freelance Illustratior (London)  I had a dream to sell illustrations online through the Internet which has come true because of online learning, I am also a full time mum as well as a graphic design student, now after a year of school I will continue to study and designing websites.

Ruth, Fashion designer (Liverpool) I finished studying fashion when I was a teenager but I came to Solo wanting to refresh my skills.  I did not know much about the technical and digital part of drawing so I took online computer classes, one on one with Han, my teacher and I now feel more confident selling and working in digital media. I would highly recommend this school to the fashion community and anyone else considering a hobby or career as it conveniently fits the hours of my time during the day.

Rina  Freelance Graphic Designer (Northampton) As I live pretty far from a college that teaches graphic design studies, It was the only convenient option. I am glad I gained a wonderful skill and have now started to freelance. I liked learning and working from home. Well done Solo. I highly recommend your school.

Margaret Graphic Designer. Great course and empathetic teachers.  I work from the morning to evening and it was  a good  option for me to study online. I could learn and integrate  my career  with my studies. My teacher made the lessons enjoyable despite times where it could get a little confusing when he also made it all clear.

Anila (Derby) - Freelance wedding album designer. I gave birth to my first child and decided to develop a new career doing graphic design and making wedding albums. Thanks to Solo Graphic Design online I could learn and be with my daughter too. Thumbs up Solo!

Tom (Reading) - I worked shifts and did not realize I could study from home, Solo made that possible.I have since built a strong portfolio and gained fluency in my course and I also now know how to build websites. I am awaiting my certificate. I do recommend this online institution.

Nahid ( London) - Freelance digital illustration. I am disabled and I could not previously learn away from my home without a lot of difficulty and without having to arrange special travel assistance but my wish was to sell paintings via computer, College Solo has taught me the profession of illustration and digital painting. I now make a living from home sales and digital pictures, logos and applications are highly recommended websites!

Sunny - Freelance photographer for magazine assignments. I am a photographer who makes a living though photographs and wedding photos. I could not combine studies and work as  I have a very busy schedule, my studies teacher taught me Photoshop for photographers coordinated in advance according to fit in with my month highly recommended. Professional teachers

Shah (Manchester) - Graphic designer part time in advertising company . Studying one on one is a neo-efficient education system. I am myself a teacher in the field of social sciences and I can say my Photoshop course has been very progressive.
The teacher taught me step by step the basics of graphic design, practice and homework are the secret to success in this profession, I built a portfolio design which had opened further doors for me I now work part time as a graphic designer already in my third year in a private company so YES I do strongly recommended this to anyone who is thinking about starting a course in graphic design.

Antoine (Cardiff) - Web Design Freelance  I have studied in this school for a year and a half and would highly recommend the teaching skills that have greatly advanced my career prospects with being online and have fitted in with my work schedule.

Michael (Leeds) - Digital Illustration  I do illustrations for books and magazines and have found this course to be very inspiring and creative in helping me to progress further and further in my chosen field.

Amos  (Birmingham) course in Graphic Design To work in the selling of templates for websites this course has given me the flexability and knowledge I need to acquire to go further afield in design.  The teachers are very helpful and patient. 

Brian (Surrey) I did Photoshop course as a hobby and  I very much recommend the friendly and professional service. A bonus studying from home in a comfortable environment.

Sara (Leicester) I did a course in Digital Photo Album  I have done this course to work alongside my husband who is a photographer so we can branch into another area of photography.

 Susan (Bristol) I did an Indesign Course I had a fantastic teacher really preferred this one to one way of learning. 

Gill (Essex) I did a course in Graphic Design It has been a long term ambition of mine and I am very happy to have found such friendly and patient teachers who fit in with my schedules.