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  Adobe InDesign online course

InDesign (Adobe InDesign) is a program that enables advanced pagination by creating catalogues, magazines, books, etc.
During the course you will learn to implement and fully control the following tools to a high standard.
Our course syllabus includes:
* Introduction and explanations on the software commands
* Basic Commands 
* Lasso tool, black arrow, white arrow, line tool, magic wand
* Editing tools, building elements, construction and restoration of logos.
* Arrangement of objects and graphics in correct composition
* Align elements relating to the graphic design
* Change the graphical elements, small / growing and maintaining symmetry 
* Texts, import text from other programs, preparing ads, text on the form. 
* Tabs 
* Colour libraries, screen colours (RGB), print colours (CMYK). 
* Colour Libraries according to different catalogues- correct graphical work. 
* Document view, methods of efficient and easy work. 
* Rulers for precise graphic composition maintaining proper graphic design. 
* Transparency of different effects
* Work correctly with layers while creating graphic projects and receiving 
   layers from Photoshop 
* Crossings colours network. 
* Printing productions, export for printing house and web programmers. 
* Construction of objects and handling objects. 
* Construction of lines and vector objects. 
* Writing on graphic objects and distortion 
* Transformation, changes of graphic elements. 
* Pen tool- basic graphic illustration 
* Path construction- lines and unique graphics 
* Construction of buttons and objects for the Internet 
* Home pages. 
* Create tables. 
* Writing on paths. 
* Create advanced effects on images. 
* Create advanced effects on graphic objects 
* Files in different formats 
* Colours 
* Advanced gradient colours. 
* Libraries 
* Styles
* Tips and shortcuts to work more effectively and efficiently in order to save time.


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