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  Graphic Design Course Online 
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The subject of graphic design can be broken down into many areas making it hard to put your finger on exactly what graphic design is. Is graphic design only used in the advertising industry? Or is it used in fashion deigning as well? Does digital drawing and illustration fall into the graphic design category? Maybe graphic design is technical drawing and creating virtualizations? Let’s take this opportunity to and try clear things up. Graphic design covers a broad spectrum of visual digital design. It covers all the fields that have already been mentioned. It is used in all aspects of advertising, in company branding, in the world of publishing, it can bring great graphic solutions to fashion houses and any profession that uses digital drawing and illustrations.

Graphic Design Studies - Certificate - "Graphic Designer"

The Solo Online College of Graphic Design offers a wide range of courses, all of which will allow you to gain practical working knowledge and certification in multi-disciplinary graphic design. Our courses focus on building a design concept, colour theory and choosing optimal colours in graphic design along with the importance of colour choice in business. The Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign programs are all taught as part of the course. Throughout the course you will be set practical exercises which can all be added to the portfolio that you will be building as you learn. You will also be given helpful advice and practical tips from our tutors as well as support with building your portfolio.

Graphic Design- working from home

Graphic design is a career that will allow you to work from home. You will need to acquire several clients to work with. Word of mouth is the best way of getting new clients. It only takes 1-2 satisfied customers to spread your name through dozens of potential new clients. You will need to have outstanding customer service skill and also to make sure you achieve all the creative and time goals that your client sets. It is also very important to keep up to date with all the latest programs and innovations that come onto the market as well as regularly updating your portfolio.

The most effective way of learning Graphic design is by practising as much as you can under the guidance of a professional tutor.
you will learn different aspects of image manipulation from improving picture quality to creating graphic design for digital photo albums and various graphic designs. you will get to practise with brush tools learning how to create impressive effects on different images by using brightness, contrast, special colours, etc…
By the end of the course, you will produce a successful portfolio of your most quality pieces together.
At our Illustrator course, our students will learn how to work with three dimensional textures and graphic illustrations; they will also learn about designs in the computer graphic industry.
InDesign (Adobe InDesign)
By using InDesign you will be able to create a combination of text and images such as catalogues, magazines and books. By following our course, you will learn how to use and control the most important designing techniques.
Our graphic design courses will enhance your career opportunity in the world of online design. 
Graphic designers and artists work in many and different sectors:
Private studios
Album design
Website design
Computerized graphics for the private sector
Freelance graphics
Multidisciplinary graphics
Technical drawing, drafting and imaging
Exhibition design
Book design
Catalogue design
Designing of function invitations
Commercial branding
Logo design etc…

Graphic Design Portfolio

It is important to have a professional portfolio that holds various graphic designs you have created to show to potential clients or future employers who may wish to hire your services. Make sure you have a wide a varied selection of works to show from different fields of graphic design, remember graphic design is an industry in it’s own right.

 Affordable Payment Plans Available.

 1Lesson = 90 minutes

*Graphic design includes Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Certificates awarded on successful completion

Web design includes Flash and Dreamweaver. Certificates awarded on successful completion.

Affordable Payment Plans

Both our Graphic Design and Web Design courses are eligible for our affordable monthly payment plans. (paypal or Bank transfer)

Further Information

All of our courses aim for successful completion within 6 months; although our Graphic Design and Web Design courses take 6 and 8 months respectively. Classes run for approximately 90 minutes and take place once or twice a week.

Those who successfully complete our Graphic Design and Web Design courses will receive a certificate to confirm their achievement. Students will also receive a portfolio showcasing their work on completion of the Graphic Design course.

Our exceptional success rate has seen 100% of our students from 2000-2015 successfully begin careers in their chosen field. If you want to emulate their success, call or email us today and benefit from a free taster session..