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A Challenging Career in Graphic Design Manchester

So, you are flicking through a magazine when suddenly an advert seems to pop out of the page right at you, you are driving down the road & a billboard grabs your attention, walking down the aisle of a supermarket when a product that you weren’t’ even looking for catches your eye- sound familiar? Sure it does, it has happened to us all, that’s because we are all surrounded by and exposed to marketing and advertising of all kinds, everywhere. Graphic designers are behind every billboard, advert, product package that we see & are responsible for the planning of the marketing material that comes in the post.

Are thinking of a career that is creative & challenging &set in a progressive technological environment? Does your head buzz with creative ideas for adverts? If so then what are you waiting for? You should be enrolling on a graphic design course!

Learning graphic design Manchester

Two main factors that have caused graphic design to gain in popularity are the industries that utilize the services of graphic designers & the advanced technologies that simplify the work. A course in graphic design will provide you with professional training that emphasizes on a number of parameters in creative thinking & on a technical level.

Graphic design studies will provide you with expert knowledge of the design systems & graphic software programs such as:

  1. Photoshop – used for the editing, design & processing of images.

  2. Illustrator – a vector based program that is used to create different graphic elements.

  3. Indesign – used in various aspects of publishing for planning, design & page layout.

Graphic design studies will also teach you the elements of design thinking, from choosing colours to choosing the most appropriate fonts. It will teach you to develop your creative abilities and to think “outside the box”.

Graphic design course Manchester

A graphic design course requires many hours of coaching and practice. Most professional courses will teach you to a standard expected on the job market. This means many projects that simulate the working environment of a graphic designer. Most graphic design courses consist of practical & theoretical lessons. You will learn about & practice working with the software programs while allowing you to gain professional skills through the setting of various projects in diverse design areas.