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  Website Designer Certificate Studies.

Created by Adobe, Dreamweaver is a tool used for professional website development.
It is often used to build websites; create web pages and interactive forms; and design the layout of web pages using a combination of images, sound, video and banners. The course will teach you web design using HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).
Adobe Dreamweaver Course- What will I learn?
When building a new website from scratch planning is absolutely essential and by taking this course, you learn everything you need to learn about building a high quality website in a professional way.
This course syllabus includes:
  • Plan the website
  • Create a flowchart
  • Use different graphic programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator 
  • Assimilate a design to a program
  • Design html pages
  • Create different links
  • Work with texts
  • Integrate Flash video files to web pages
  • Work with photos and create interesting galleries
  • Create forms and the different controls.
  • CSS 
Towards the end of your course you will be asked to design and build a website showing all the elements you have learnt throughout the course. You will also be given useful tips and advice as well as learning more about website promotion. The final part of the course will see you buying a domain and uploading a website on the server.
Employment Options after Completing the Website Design Course
The Website Design certificate studies course provides you with all you need to know about designing and creating a website. We will encourage you to develop your artistic and creative nature by giving you practical projects to complete; by the end of the course you will be a more experienced and confident design professional.
This course syllabus includes:
  • Elementary website design
  • Home page design
  • Logo design
  • CSS and html
  • Typography
  • Page navigation
  • Advanced flash animation
  • Using Flash and Dreamweaver to create motion graphics
  • Effects
After the course…
This course is structured in such a way that you are guaranteed to complete the course with an impressive portfolio as well as a renowned certification. Your final portfolio will be a tangible display of your best works; something you will be able to show to potential clients. Remember, your success is our success and your portfolio is a reflection of our work together.
*In order for certificates to be released all assignments must be submitted to tutors 


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