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Contemporary Photoshop

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Photoshop is a fairly user friendly program and most of the people using it at some point or another would have studied it either at school or through various tutorials. It is essential that any user receives the right guidance and the right depth of knowledge.

Photoshop training – the trainer


Mastering the Photoshop program is the key to your success or failure in the graphic world. It is well known that no employer will take your CV seriously concerning a position in graphic arts other relevant fields of work without the knowledge of this program. Many professional studios invite a Photoshop instructor to give them a private training. Other companies send their employees to study this program in external schools.


Photoshop training – the guide

The most important issue in the Photoshop training is the teacher or guide. If the guide is not skilled enough to teach the program or  doesn’t have a natural approach to teaching in general, it is very likely that the student will experience difficulties in learning the material.
It is crucial to make sure that the guide has all the skills and qualifications to teach the program completely. 

Often we come across publications of instructors for photoshop, we hire their services and than find out that they are not a Photoshop expert but rather teaching it as part of wide range of courses they offer. Those trainers are usually computer science students who are not professionals in the teaching of the Photoshop.

Important questions we encourage students to ask  and consider before starting a course in any learning institution

Find out how  for how long the guide has been teaching the program?,
Where did he or she teach before? 
Which teaching style?
What kind of students did the guide teach before?
Did they have a computer knowledge background?
Graphic background?

Photoshop training – The correct way to find a professional  to teach Photoshop program

It is important to ask all those questions before you hire a guide and even find out about him from schools he taught before and get recommendations from prior students. At any school or even online training you can ask for a free try out lesson where you can experience first-hand the method, the guide and the teaching system.

Online Photoshop course

Presently there is a big demand from people interested in learning the Photoshop program. Most people prefer the online studies as they can learn from home, in their own time and speed. There are also lots professional Photoshop guides available for downloading on the web. (Some of them for free).