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The advantages of making comics using illustrator 

The advantages of making comics using illustrator

Comics are graphic illustrations enabling the transfer and communication of any
message, statement or emotional expression, conveying personal experience,
historical accounts of the artist, political opinions as well as humorous message.
Illustrating comics using the illustrator software is suitable for all types of audiences
from children wanting to get creative to adults seeking a challenge or simply
satisfying ones self-enjoyment or interest.

Comics are commonly found within the movie industry, one main reason is due to the
fact that it helps create the scenario through illustration and imaging as well as
organizing the frames. The technical or cinematic term is "Story Board".

Illustrating comics on the computer has become simple and fairly straightforward,
through various techniques, tools and an array of watercolor pens and pencils etc.

Nowadays it is acceptable to illustrate with vector software offering spectacular
illustration techniques such as computerized graphics, giving depth and a sense
of motility by creating motion.

Graphic software illustrator improves and refines the illustration making it feel like it
is handmade. Commands such as "mesh" enable you to delete and correct the figure
again and again without having to throw papers or hard copies and prepare endless
sketches; you can also reproduce the graphics using the software thus enabling you
to view other perspectives shapes.

The Vector illustration in the Graphic illustrator software is the same standard as
other software systems that take the graphic illustration and use the graphics for animation.
It is important to emphasize the graphic compositions in different proportions and
perspectives while illustrating in the Graphic illustrator software.

Thanks to a wealth of innovative technology it is now possible to combine comic
illustrations with computer graphics
and animation studies, both two dimensional
and three dimensional effects, adding depth to the characters.

Today illustration is entering a world where everything becomes computerised.
An example of manual work steps with illustrator: You can import an image or
document into a professional scanner and export it to the Graphic illustrator software,
where then you can build on it in illustrator again and give it all the mentioned effects
that are possible and create an animation in flash software.

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