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Careers in graphic design

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 Careers in Graphic Design online

There has not been a better time than now to pursue a course in graphic design. The print industry and the media have not suffered despite the global economic recession.

The career choice itself is a very rewarding one as it allows self creativity, development of personal skills and own capabilities. It is a career not just for artists or perfectionists but also for anyone with a vision.

In fact very often people come to this course having just been acquainted with graphic
design with very little knowledge. Sometimes our students may have undertaken graphic design courses as a previous hobby and with the help of our online school, have later transformed their skills into a profession.
(Have a look at our testimonies).

Learning graphic design also allows you to explore and develop your skills in various related fields such as fashion and the increasingly popular interior design. Students have previously used graphic design to help them with the design of handbags, shoes and home decoration.

Another branch that graphic design, graphic software or graphic studies can lead to is advertising and marketing. This is a big and vast field where using graphic design is essential.

Below is a list of common routes that professionals take into the graphic design industry:

1)     An amateur photographer can make a hobby and profession by learning Photoshop for instance.


2)     A fashion designer can computerize his/her designs by using the Illustrator software.


3)    An album designer who makes brouchures can upgrade his or her career more easily by studying InDesign.


4)    A Graphic Operator for example can upgrade his or her portfolio and possibly even work in advertising or in   fashion companies. 


Below is a short list of  a wide range of job roles available in the industry:


1)     Graphic designer in advertising

2)     Graphic designer specialising in the Internet or a web designer specifically related to designing materials for the website and its programmes. NB there is no requirem of website construction knowledge

3)     Graphic artist working in the field of printing, working in printing houses

4)      Integration in the field of photography

5)      Designers in the media, television and graphic designs for commercials

6)      Design computerized Illustrations for fashion companies

7)      Design digital albums for photographers, production companies, events and more

8)      Building a business image and business logo design, etc. ..

9)      Textile and fashion design companies, today a lot of fashion companies hire graphic designers to sketch in illustrator and bring the fashion designer's ideas to life

10)   Design website domain – an area that is getting stronger in recent years in light
of growth Internet users

11)   Designing characters and animation, working in animation.


There is absolute abundance of possibilities and open doors following a career in graphic design, not to mention the financial benefits. Now is the time to learn graphic design in a safe and fun professional way .









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