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A Successful Business Logo

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How to design a successful business logo?

There are several important principles to design a logo and choosing colors. First we need to keep it simple so it will be easy to identify, then we make sure there are unique features that notify the place where we are interested to refer clients.
It is vital that the logo we design will be designed in vector software such as Illustrator. Minimum Colors will help the logo to be unforgettable, for the principle of simplicity and memory.

Although it may surprise many, the theme of the logo need not be of high importance at this stage and even the content should not be significant so that the logo will remain in the viewer's mind for a long time.

The logo's biggest test is the test of time, a successful logo will last at least 10 years until his new design, longevity is the key to success, and the principle of keeping the logo prominently in the viewer's memory.

An effective logo should be designed with a flow, so that is why logo design must be fully formatted in vector software such as Illustrator to ensure that we can change it to any size we want, the logo should be designed in horizontal and vertical format. The most correct way to design a logo is firstly to work only in black which allows us to focus on the form and the shape we desire.

During our work, we should always remember the pragmatic element of printing costs of the colors, so it won't be too expensive for our clients in the long run. It is important for the graphic designer to know the differences between cmyk colors and Pantone colors which we use to design logos for our clients to maintain uniformity of color throughout the print.
Pantone colors are numbered according to the fan colors so we can guarantee the client the same level of color according to different editions.
Cmyk colors are colors according to different network percentages, A fact that do not allow uniform colors throughout the print.

One of the most important things in designing a logo is to reach a position where you are content with your objective or aim, for example if you design a logo for a fashion company you will not use a child like font in order to maintain a sense of prestige, or a logo for a vehicle company may not choose to use an image of a vehicle.